jueves, 23 de mayo de 2013

3 ways to rock white jeans!!!

As you can tell I LOVE white jeans !!!!
Because it looks perfect with every color ;) , here are some ways of how you can wear it :) xoxoxo

miércoles, 22 de mayo de 2013

Your Outfit Today!!!

Hiiii Everyone I know i haven't post in a while but it's because I haven't been crazy busy with school , can't believe im graduating from college in just 2 months !! It seems surreal buy i can't wait :))))

So i was contacted on Instagram by this awesome website called " Your outfit today " , And I totally loved the idea of inspiring other people showing your outfit details and i love that you can mix affordable clothes with designer clothes ;)  & you can create new outfits & feel inspired , I am totally a person who love's fashion and I love mixing brands & look pretty and to be well dress is a must in my family hahaha , so i thought it was pretty cool when they said that i could share outfit details on their site :) , it felt AMAZING when i saw that they post my outfit :) <3 

MAKE sure to check their website and instagram & to send outfit pics so you can inspire other people as well :)