miércoles, 20 de febrero de 2013

New blog name

Hey everyone :) I decided to change my user name to " doll in high heels " because i have had that pic on my FB as a cover for a long time & I love it & plus im a HUGE high heels lover , so i thought it was cute cool name :) xoxoxo , however i decide to keep my name on instagram & twitter :)

My Instagram / twitter : @ xobarbie_tamez

Ps. Cant wait for my louboutins to arrive <3

-barbie xoxo


miércoles, 13 de febrero de 2013

DIY Valentine's day frame

Tomorrow it's valentine's day!!! <3 & it's one of my favorite holiday of the year <3 , I work in kidergarten so i saw this cute frame's with conversations hearts & I decide to do it as a gift for every kid :) <3 , they did all the painting & all the glittery & decoration :)

Looooved the final result <3 i still need to wrap this in a cute v-day bag & cute litle bow , love them <3 :) & love every single one of this kids , they're the ones who make every mornig great & filled me with fun and laughter , i love being their teacher <3 I love my job , ps. I love spoiling them haha


Happy valentine's day everyone <3!!!

jueves, 7 de febrero de 2013

Texas haul

So last week i went to TX just to do some shopping since i lived very close to the border ;) & plus mexico doesn't have fabulous stores like the US , so me & family buy alot in the US ;)

I have been getting obssed with curling irons , wands etc , I love getting my hair pretty <3 & i found a lot of cute clothets i love soring /summer season & loe bright neon and pastel colors so i got a few of cute clothes and of course a new pair of high heels #shoeaddict couldn't resist and a lipstick that i've been wanting for a long time "creme d nude " by MAC , it was a fun quick trip :) xoxoxo

miércoles, 6 de febrero de 2013

Laser hair removal treatment

Tomorrow I have my 1st appointment of the laser hair removal & i decided to do a quick blog about it :) , before going to bed

So FINALLY!!!! No more painful waxing or razors & after doing some serious research i found the best company of laser hair removal here called "euro piel " with high quality lasers & treatments & dermatologist etc ... Obviously wasn't cheap at all , i must say it was very expensive that i thought it would be but its def worth it because my skin is too sensitive for razors & waxing is painful so i choose the full bikini area & my armpits im soooo excited :))))) , hope everythings turns out great , gnite everyone xoxoxo