jueves, 18 de octubre de 2012

Pink phone <3

Just change my phone skin & i love tje result <3 :))))))

Case from h&m :)

Life's good :)

domingo, 14 de octubre de 2012

New necklace <3 & weekend faves <3

I got this necklace from
F21 yesterday & Im totally in love!!!
Also i found the bag that i was looking for my "snow white" costume :) & how cute is this hello kitty plush with the initial of my lover bear <3 #adorable

Life's good <3

domingo, 7 de octubre de 2012

Getting ready for halloween <3

Halloween is one of my fav holidays & this year im going to be snow white , i loved the snow white costume that mariana hewitt wore last year i think ,so i got mine custom done , i think it's so original not the tipical snow white & looks super cute classy girly but mostly fabulous <3 & i was looking around some costume shops here & i found the perfect apple purse that's gonna match perfectly <3 , CANT WAIT <3 :)

Also love all the decirations at the stores & then i saw this pooh bear costume & i think im
Getting it also so im gonna rock 2 costumes this year #fabulousity <3

New goodies / blog banner <3

I got a new goodies today , I am a HUGE fan of hello kitty and since my name is Barbara one of my nick names is "barbie" so i love everything that has the name barbie on it <3 & plus all the barbie stuff is super cute and fabulous <3 ;)) also sooo happy that the marilyn mac collection is available here ;) live nude lipsticks <3

Finally is starting to feel cold here , getting ready for fall ;)

Soooo excited because I finally made a banner for my blog yay!!! :) thanks Kath for telling me xoxoxo