sábado, 18 de enero de 2014

Chanel bottle DIY

I'm a youtube junkie when it come to fashion , hair & makeup tutorials , so i saw this DIY from ann on her youtube chanel & i wanted to do the chanel bottle i tought it was super cute!!! <3

I used a benefit box from the "finding mr. Bright kit" ,  a mac cosmetics lipstick box & a concealer sealler to use it in the middle , lots of glitter & glue & a hot glue gub and  here it is all the procesa and the result ;)

Naked 3 favorites looks !!

I love Urban decay , i have naked 2 & i love the colors because im always tend to do my eye shadow like smokey eye or brown soft eyes im NOT a big fan of colored eye shadow like pink or green blue etc, so I love all the rosegold natural looks from the naked 3 palette <3 

I'm very lucky to say I found the last one of the 6 urban decays or sephoras i went so it was like a miracle that i found it and I'm absolutely loving it , the pallete it's super pigmented ;) & love their primer potion ;)

So this are one pf my fave naked 3 looks from vegas nay & amrezy !!! <3 love them
Both , #makeupjunkie 


Vanity deco

I found this little treasure at hobby lobby !!! For my vanity i love sparkly things & nice fancy deco for my house specially my room ;) 


Best look from 2013!!!


Im soooo far behind on this because it's already mid january lol but i was so busy this past days & im looking fordward to blog more ;) here are my fave looks :) 

2013 was a quite a year with a big heartbreak at the beginning but full with amazing moments like fashion interviews , lots of traveling & getting my college degree!!!! I love 2013 so much & i can't wait for 2014 ;) 


Notes to my future husband / Book review <3

So i went to houston tx to spend the holidays with my family as I do every year  & i ALWAYS do major shopping when im on the US so i went to spencer because my brother wanted to get some of his fave band glasses among other stuff & i went to the book section & this book caught my attentio  inmediatly it's called "notes to my future husband " it's a super funny book about how marriage life can be if your a bitch LOL it's super funny & i read the whole book in just 1 day!!! Couldn't keepin away! I was so hooked!! Check it out your gonna love as well the author it's the "coquette" & looking fordward to read more book like this !!!! :) Xoxo

& here a few book i check out at another book store <3