sábado, 18 de enero de 2014

Notes to my future husband / Book review <3

So i went to houston tx to spend the holidays with my family as I do every year  & i ALWAYS do major shopping when im on the US so i went to spencer because my brother wanted to get some of his fave band glasses among other stuff & i went to the book section & this book caught my attentio  inmediatly it's called "notes to my future husband " it's a super funny book about how marriage life can be if your a bitch LOL it's super funny & i read the whole book in just 1 day!!! Couldn't keepin away! I was so hooked!! Check it out your gonna love as well the author it's the "coquette" & looking fordward to read more book like this !!!! :) Xoxo

& here a few book i check out at another book store <3 

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