miércoles, 6 de febrero de 2013

Laser hair removal treatment

Tomorrow I have my 1st appointment of the laser hair removal & i decided to do a quick blog about it :) , before going to bed

So FINALLY!!!! No more painful waxing or razors & after doing some serious research i found the best company of laser hair removal here called "euro piel " with high quality lasers & treatments & dermatologist etc ... Obviously wasn't cheap at all , i must say it was very expensive that i thought it would be but its def worth it because my skin is too sensitive for razors & waxing is painful so i choose the full bikini area & my armpits im soooo excited :))))) , hope everythings turns out great , gnite everyone xoxoxo

2 comentarios:

  1. How did you like it dear?? That would be perfect for under arm area, it grows back SO fast!!

    1. It hurts a LOT !!!! But its been great so far , i can see the difference already!!!! Xoxoxo