lunes, 7 de mayo de 2012

Weekend pictures / happy moments

So this was a great weekend for me!!!! Despite it was 5 de mayo , My babe finally decide to talk to me again !!! :))))))))))))) he's a very special person in my life & love him very much <3333 so glad that after all the misunderstandings we're still together :) <3 , i also went to a piñata & they had this amazing candy bar , I lice disney princesses & snow white & then i went to see 21 jump street super funny , loved it & channing tarum is super hottttt , this was a great weekend for me :)))) & specially bcuz my baby bear is back!!!! Xoxoxo

4 comentarios:

  1. Great Pictures ,you look amazing! :)

    Lovely Greetings!

  2. you are so cute !!:)

    follow me ?

  3. Thanks Pandrea , ok i'll check out your blog xoxoxo :)