lunes, 17 de septiembre de 2012

11 facts about me tag !!! <3

I was tag by kat & i know i told i was going to do it a few weeks ago but i just have been busy LOL :) , thanks for the tag



1. I LOVE life & it loves me back <3
2. I LOVE my eric bear & my family
3. I LOVE my work & the career i choose :)
4. I LOVE PINK & Sparkly things <3
5. LOVE shopping , ( its never enough )
6. I LOVE make up & being super
7. I love helping other specially the less fortunate :)
8. I love diet pepsi & blue powerade
9. I LOVE having a great time with my friends
10. I like things my way , LOL
11.I have a big heart <3

I know all of this facts sounds like if i have a big ego but the truth is that my life is too fabulous & great that Indont envy other girls or want the stuff everyone has I LOVE being original and im blessed to have everything I want :) , im confident , i love me & im
Very lucky to have a supporting loving family & my lover bear <3 so why wasting my time hating on others !!!


Questions :

1. What is your favorite magazine ?

A= I LOVE vogue , cosmopolitan , ok mag , star mag , pretty much fashion one's , I dont have a fave i love them
all :)

2.What is your favorite snack ?

A= I LOVE junk food!!!!! <3 i love chips , candies , ice cream , spicy candy , mexican corn in a cup , chocolates

3.What is your favorite time of the

A= when im home , relaxin & being lazy in my bed <3 :)

4.What type of music do you like to listen to ?

A= everything mostly in english , for example i can go from nsync to def leppard or kiss hahaha #weird

5.What is your favorite holiday ?

A= Valentine's day <3 , easter & halloween , I LOVE all the decorations they're the best :)

6.Silver or Gold ?

A= both

7.How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

A= like 30 min or less

8.How long does it take you to get ready for bed ?

A= like 5, 10 min

9.How much do you spend on beauty products every week?

A= I LOVE make up so much & im always trying to renew it so prob between $ 50 or $ 100

10.How many of your personal friends know about your blog ?

A= my closest friends :)

4 comentarios:

  1. You are so beautiful, love reading your facts <3 x

  2. Love all your answers!! I love using the less fortunate too :)
    & that you don't judge others!! Girls can be so caty but I think it's great when people can just be content in their own lives and support one another instead of putting others down !! :)
    Thanks for doing the post love :)

    1. Awww thank you! & yea i dont judge other's why be hating on other people if i luckily have everything i want :) , LOVE my life & being nice & try to help others everytime i can without receiving :) xoxo