lunes, 21 de enero de 2013

Christmas / Breakup & new year !!!

Wow i haven't post in a while , well im glad its 2013 already!!! Lot's of new things coming for me this year & i graduate from
College on august yay !!!! Im very happy for that :)

December was a good month everything was going great like usual until I found out that the guy i consider my everything , love of my life & best friend was a complete liar & it did hurt me a lot!!! It was crazy , i have never felt that way , i was waaaay depressed on x-mas but i did my best to be with my family & have a good time , i have such an amazing family <3 i seriously couldn't ask for more :)

On new years I wear a sequin cute dress cuz i just wanted to have a good time &

January is going great & even tho i miss eric terribly , he's no good for me , it's a very complicated feeling when you love someone & that persob end up being rhe worst person in the world :'( oh well lots of new things for me , lots of traveling & good stuff :)

5 comentarios:

  1. LOL i always post from my phone so excuse me for not cutting the edge of the pics hehe :) XO

  2. Its his Lost! I wish more happy and warm wishes for the new year for you!! You are breathetaking beautiful and I know that your prince charming awaits you...WHEN the time is right!


  3. Gorgeous girl!! So sorry to hear about your breakup :( keep your chin up dear!!

    1. Yes sooo sad :( oh well but i'll get better xoxoxo