lunes, 11 de marzo de 2013

Neon , spring fever!!!!

I loooove that spring is just around the corner yaaay my fab season & weather ;) , i have TONS of cute clothes & cant wait to wear cute spring/summer outfits <3

Sorry i haven't post anything in a few weeks because i've been CRAzy with school / work & im planning on to move out of the country , anyways i did been shopping like crazy!!! Though haha ;) here are a few things im obssesed with neons!! & mint colors , can wait to rock cute outfits & here are some inspirations ;) & pics of the daughtry concert <3

Anyways only one more week till vacays & then im flying to houston tx for a supercross race yay!!! <3

Some neon inspirations & new goodies that i bought this past days , ps. Also im designing a new fab closet with more space ;) xoxoxox

Hope all of you been great xoxoxoxo

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  1. love your style. I dont think i can pull off Neon colors but love to see others in them.

    Thanks for the post :). I got my Barbie