jueves, 19 de septiembre de 2013

Fall inspiations


Fall is getting closer & closer now a days!!! Even tho it's not my favorite season i think this fall is going to be amazing because 1 my favorite band " hot chelle rae " it's coming to town this fall & 2 im graduating college , 3 i might spend thanksgiving in chicago , 4 X-mas means lots of presents & family time & 5 because ....... buns, leggings, uggs, & oversized sweaters!!!!! <3

My inspiration last year was jennifer stanl faux fur vest are still my faves this season & you can never be wrong with a good pair of jeans & boots !!! 

Heres jennifer :

Here: my look :

I not a big fan of fall winter clothes but i love love cute sweaters & coats & boots here are some of my inspirations

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