jueves, 26 de septiembre de 2013

Phillip lim for target drama !!!

I love target !!! <3 & I love their designers collaborations the prabal gurung's was amazing <3 & for fall I love what they did with phillip lim !!! :))) 

I am a bagaholic & I must say that my favorite stuff about this collection were obviously the bags!!! & the " BOOM" sweather <3 


For me it was very dramatic LOL because i live in mexico but my family is in the US <3 so I send my auntie to every target in the houston area & nothing it was sold out in stores & online the same day :( , then my friend roxana who is in chicago right now studying offer to go & find them for me in the chicago area & nothing :( & one of my instagram dearest friend who's also a fashion blogger melly went to try to find it for me in the san francisco area & nothing :( & finally last weekend one of my best friend mirtala went to TX and nothing!!!! :( ugh!!! It's such a bunner but it's also funny!!! At this point i think I'll order it from ebay or hoping to win it in a giveaway contest !!!

But i wanted to share my crazy cray craystory with you guys!!!

Did you got the bag??!

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